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We are an Alcohol and Drug Rehab Program that incorporates a variety of outdoor activities as learning tools in the recovery process.

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At Grace Counseling Center, we aim to help our clients overcome their struggles by providing multidisciplinary treatment and support options in a welcoming, judgement-free, highly-supportive environment. In fact, the high standards to which we hold ourselves is one of the most important characteristics that distinguishes Grace Counseling Center from other mental health treatment centers. Rather than adhering to outdated dogma and ineffective treatment methods, we continue to cultivate an air of acceptance as well as innovative and forward-thinking approaches to mental wellness.

With locations in Lewisville, Texas, and Fort Worth, Texas, Grace Counseling Center is a premiere outpatient-focused mental health treatment and support center, offering full-service recovery options for people of all ages and from all walks of life. Further, our teams of clinicians were composed very carefully with each professional being chosen based on his or her diversity of experience, expertise, and complementary therapeutic perspective. As a result of this, we’re able to offer a broad range of support options while addressing many different types of health needs.

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Grace Counseling Center — Fort Worth, Texas

As the fifth-largest city in the state of Texas, Fort Worth is as bustling a city as they come; however, the sheer size and pace of the city doesn’t come at a sacrifice to that Southern charm. In fact, it was this unique flavor of urban hospitality that made Fort Worth an ideal choice for a second Grace Counseling Center location. With lots of local color and friendly natives, Grace Counseling Center in Fort Worth is an ideal choice for anyone looking for mental health support in a more urban setting.

Overseen by our CEO and lead licensed professional counselor, Cheryl Rayl, our Fort Worth location is led by a growing team of experienced professionals, including Kimberly Scales, MAC, LPC-S, LCDC and Josh Craig, LPC.

Offering educational opportunities for interns

Although there’s no discounting the importance of experience in the field of mental health, the next generation of talented clinicians and counselors are graduating from masters programs every year. For this reason, we at Grace Counseling Center have made a point of being a welcoming environment for interns, counseling students, and clinicians-in-training. Due to the wealth of diversity and experience that’s on display among our clinical teams, there’s immense educational value to be had by joining the Grace clinical team as an intern.

But why do we give interns such a great opportunity without having to prove their worth? First, it’s important to clarify that each aspiring professional who interns with us is assigned a mentor who accompanies him or her for the duration of time spent at Grace Counseling Center. This allows us to ensure the high standards that we set for ourselves and our team while also ensuring the best possible experience for our patients and clients.

The reality is that there aren’t many top-tier mental health treatment and support centers who are welcoming to newcomers. Since today’s interns are tomorrow’s industry-leading professionals, being a safe haven for budding clinicians to gain experience and hone their skills gives us a unique opportunity to promote top-notch mental health treatment and care for those who may require treatment or counseling in the future.

Diverse therapeutic techniques and support

As you’ve surely seen, our clinical team is comprised of professionals with diverse experience, unique perspectives, and who are knowledgeable in a breadth of therapeutic techniques. Consequently, this means that Grace Counseling Center is unique in that we can accommodate the broadest possible range of therapeutic needs and preferences. In fact, we can offer comprehensive, tailored treatment plans for almost any and every mental or emotional affliction.

Of course, many of the professionals on our clinical teams have a background in cognitive behavioral therapy, which has long been seen as one of the most effective psychotherapeutic modalities for goal-oriented counseling. But between the members of our clinical staff, there are a variety of other modalities represented as well, including behavior modification, rational emotive behavior therapy, motivational interviewing, eye movement desensitization and reprocessing (EMDR) therapy, and numerous others. As such, we can combine these techniques according to the needs of each patient, ensuring optimal progress and efficiency.

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