Adult Intensive Outpatient Program

intensive outpatient program

According to recent estimates, roughly one in ten Americans over the age of 13 suffers from some form of addiction or chemical dependency. This makes addiction one of the most catastrophic of all mental and physical diseases in terms of the sheer scale and number of people affected. Plus, addiction isn’t a disease that only affects individuals; often referred to as “the family disease,” addiction has some level of effect on an afflicted individual’s family members, close friends, and other loved ones.

Besides showing how the disease of addiction truly is an epidemic, research has also shown just how difficult it is for an individual to overcome alcoholism or drug addiction. Particularly when recovery is attempted on one’s own without any clinical or support resources, individuals suffering from addiction often relapse, resulting in their inadvertently remaining in active addiction for years or even decades. But fortunately, there are resources available that make addiction recovery both possible and attainable. 

At Grace Counseling in Fort Worth, Texas, our adult intensive outpatient program has been specially designed in such a way as to provide adults suffering from addiction with the treatments, support, and other vital resources that are needed to achieve stable, long-term sobriety. If you or someone you love is suffering from chemical dependency, our Adult Intensive Outpatient Program For Addiction In Fort Worth Texas could be an ideal choice for lasting rehabilitation.

What Is An Adult Intensive Outpatient Program For Addiction In Fort Worth Texas

When it comes to choosing the right addiction treatment program, the first step on this journey requires that you become knowledgeable about the different types of treatment programs that exist. In becoming more knowledgeable about addiction treatment programs, you’ll be able to form more accurate, realistic expectations as to the recovery process and the experience of being in a clinical treatment program.

By most standards, addiction treatment programs can be broken into two categories: Inpatient and outpatient. The former refers to a residential-style program wherein patients are provided with residential accommodations, allowing them to reside within the treatment facility until the inpatient program has been completed. By comparison, an outpatient program allows the patients to continue living in their own homes, commuting to the treatment facility at designated times on predetermined days.

Intensive outpatient treatment is a form of outpatient care, meaning that patients will not reside on-site at the treatment facility. While completing the program, the patients are required to be accountable for making sure that they attend their therapeutic sessions according to their individual schedules.

Intensive Outpatient vs. Other Treatment Programs

As mentioned above, an intensive outpatient program is a form of treatment wherein the patient continues living at home and must commute to and from the treatment facility. Of course, this sounds much like any other outpatient program, but there are some key differences between an intensive outpatient program and other forms of outpatient care. Meanwhile, an intensive outpatient program actually shares certain similarities with inpatient-style treatment.

Traditionally, a standard outpatient program is the least intensive form of rehabilitative treatment for addiction. In particular, a standard outpatient program is the least intensive clinical program and includes a minimal amount of time spent in treatment, usually amounting to an hour a week. As such, standard outpatient care is often ineffective in treating substance use disorders.

By comparison, an intensive outpatient program increases the amount of therapeutic time that a patient would be receiving in a standard outpatient program by a significant margin. In fact, our Adult Intensive Outpatient Program For Addiction In Fort Worth Texas offers a level of treatment intensity that’s much more similar to inpatient care. But despite offering an inpatient-like level of treatment and care, an intensive outpatient program still offers the flexibility and accessibility of outpatient treatment. For this reason, intensive outpatient care is often considered to be the best of both worlds, combining the intensity of inpatient care with the flexibility of outpatient care. This level of treatment is ideal for people transitioning back into their home environment after completing Residential Treatment.

What To Expect At Our Adult Intensive Outpatient Program For Addiction In Fort Worth Texas

For adult patients suffering from alcoholism and/or drug addiction, the Adult Intensive Outpatient Program For Addiction In Fort Worth Texas offered at Grace Counseling is a premier rehabilitation program. In fact, whereas most other treatment centers require that patients adhere to a strict and inflexible curriculum, Grace Counseling exceeds most industry standards by offering a comprehensive and highly-customizable curriculum, ensuring that each and every patient is able to benefit optimally from a treatment curriculum that can easily adapt to individual needs and preferences.

Like any high-quality addiction treatment program, our Adult Intensive Outpatient Program For Addiction In Fort Worth Texas (IOP) has individual psychotherapy and one-on-one counseling at the core of the program. Individual counseling has long been considered one of the most important components of a clinical treatment program because it gives patients opportunities to explore the root causes of their addictions. Once the cause or source of the substance abuse problem has been identified, the therapist can work with the patient to better understand why the source triggered the substance abuse problem, how to overcome the effects of those triggers, and develop strategies for maintaining long-term sobriety after completing treatment.

Besides individual counseling, our high-quality Adult Intensive Outpatient Program For Addiction In Fort Worth Texas offers numerous opportunities to personalize and individualize the curriculum. As research has shown, the most effective treatment programs are those that can adapt to a patient’s specific background, preferences, and recovery needs. For this reason, Grace Counseling offers a host of complementary, supplementary, and even some alternative therapeutic techniques with which to personalize the program.

Get Professional Help At Our Adult Intensive Outpatient Program For Addiction In Fort Worth Texas

There are no right or wrong ways to achieve stable, long-lasting sobriety; however, we at Grace Counseling have combined the expertise of our team of seasoned professionals with the latest evidence and research to develop our Adult Intensive Outpatient Program For Addiction In Fort Worth Texas. So when you or your loved one is enrolled in our program, you can be sure that you’re receiving top-notch care.

For more information about our Adult Intensive Outpatient Program For Addiction In Fort Worth Texas, or for details about one of our other offerings, call Grace Counseling at 800-972-0643 or send us a message today.

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