Alcohol Intensive Outpatient Program

alcohol intensive outpatient program

Compared to other types of addiction and chemical dependence, alcoholism is incredibly dangerous and very difficult to overcome on one’s own. For this reason, there’s an immense demand for high-quality alcoholism treatment.

At Grace Counseling Center, our Alcohol Intensive Outpatient Program In Fort Worth Texas is an optimal solution for an individual in need of effective treatment for alcoholism and alcohol dependence. Alcohol abuse and other substance abuse is addressed in our Intensive Outpatient Program. program. Everyone is at the same facility and is treated for by the same staff who specialize in all areas of addiction and alcohol dependence. 

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When it comes to the types of alcohol abuse treatment programs that exist, there are a myriad of choices: Two of the more common choices are residential treatment and outpatient treatment. Of course, residential care is the type wherein patients must reside on-site for the duration of the program. While residential care can be very effective, not everyone needs that intensive level of care. On the other hand, individual outpatient care allows individuals to continue living at home and, therefore, continue fulfilling their professional and familial obligations but has been found to be ineffective. An intensive outpatient program attempts to bridge the gap by offering an outpatient-style program with a more inpatient-esque level of treatment intensity. For those leaving Residential Care, the transition from the highly structured environment back to home can be difficult. Intensive Outpatient Treatment offers added support and education when readjusting to the environment that one may associate with drinking behaviors. Research shows the optimal treatment time for recovery is 9 months, which covers Residential, Intensive Outpatient and Outpatient Treatment.

Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism

While there are numerous mind-altering substances and street drugs prone to addiction, alcohol is widely viewed as the most dangerous of all. Why? It’s largely due to the fact that alcohol is available for purchase and consumption legally; anybody aged 21 or older is legally able to purchase alcohol from one of many convenient locations such as grocery stores, convenience stores, general stores, and liquor stores, then consume that alcohol at his or her leisure.

Although many people drink responsibly, it’s not uncommon for individuals to drink to excess for the express purpose of becoming intoxicated. This is referred to as alcohol abuse.

When a person abuses alcohol frequently over a period of time, he or she becomes prone to developing a physical and physiological dependence on the alcohol. Specifically, this occurs with the chemical changes in the brain that result from alcohol abuse. After consuming a large amount of alcohol, the substance enters the bloodstream and makes its way to the brain. In the brain, alcohol functions quite similarly to benzodiazepines, causing an influx of a neurochemical know as GABA for short. This substance occurs naturally in response to feelings of anxiety, stress, or fear; however, when boosted synthetically such as by consuming large quantities of alcohol, it causes the brain to function much more slowly and less effectively as before. As a result, the individual experiences alcoholic intoxication.

Repeated and frequent episodes of alcohol abuse over time cause the brain to become dependent on alcohol as the primary source of GABA, resulting in less GABA production naturally. This is an incredibly dangerous situation as GABA is necessary for healthy neurological functioning. When an individual’s brain has become dependent on his or her alcohol consumption to maintain GABA levels, he or she is at major risk whether he or she continues drinking or is without alcohol. This makes alcoholism treatment essential for health and longevity.

Benefits Of Our Alcohol Intensive Outpatient Program In Fort Worth Texas

For individuals suffering from alcohol abuse disorder or alcoholism, Grace Counseling Center offers our Alcohol Intensive Outpatient Program In Fort Worth Texas, a premier outpatient substance abuse treatment program. Like most high-quality addiction treatment programs, our intensive outpatient program for alcohol abuse has a foundation in psychiatric and counseling support. Of course, this is the main way for individuals to overcome their alcohol abuse and drug dependence problems, providing a means of identifying the source of the substance abuse problem and developing ways of addressing it.

At Grace Counseling Center, we maintain a staff of industry-leading professionals, each of whom comes from a unique school of thought with different techniques and expertise. This allows us to offer high-quality treatment and support services to the broadest array of alcoholism recovery needs rather than requiring patients to adhere to a limited curriculum and outdated therapeutic techniques.

What To Expect At Our Alcohol Intensive Outpatient Program In Fort Worth Texas

With our Alcohol Intensive Outpatient Program In Fort Worth Texas, an incoming patient or enrollee can expect to participate in roughly nine hours of group treatment per week. Granted, this can change depending on the specific needs of the patient; some patients might require slightly more time while others require less, but the idea is to guarantee a minimum of nine hours to ensure optimal results. In addition to these nine hours, approximately one hour will be spent in individual (or one-on-one) counseling, which means a single patient and a single clinician. In addition, Family Therapy is an integral part of the program.

Ultimately, the goal of our Alcohol Intensive Outpatient Program In Fort Worth Texas is to help individuals (a) achieve sobriety, (b) better understand alcohol dependence and alcoholism, and (c) develop strategies and skills for preventing relapse and sustaining sobriety long-term. Thus, our intensive outpatient program for alcoholism and alcohol abuse is an incredibly personal, individualized experienced. This is how we ensure that each individual’s needs are met.

Get The Help You Deserve At Our Alcohol Intensive Outpatient Program In Fort Worth Texas

If you or someone you love is in need of treatment for alcoholism, the Alcohol Intensive Outpatient Program In Fort Worth Texas is available at Grace Counseling Center to help with regaining sobriety and health. For more information, call Grace Counseling at buy generic ciprofloxacin tinidazole tablets or buy tinidazole online today.

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