Treatment & Therapy Programs

Nutrition Counseling

Health is like a clock with many moving, interlocking parts. While things like physical exercise and emotional wellness are each essential to optimal overall health, it’s difficult to achieve optimal health when ther...

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Therapeutic Yoga

Roughly one in every ten Americans over the age of 12 is currently battling some form of substance abuse disorder. This is the highest rate of substance abuse and addiction that has ever been seen in United States hist...

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SMART Recovery

Everyone is unique, coming from different backgrounds, having had different experiences, and with each having a unique perspective. Much as no two people are exactly the same, the recovery process is likewise unique; w...

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Continuing Education

At Grace Counseling, we firmly believe that a mental health or substance abuse treatment program can only be as effective and strong as the talent who leads and implements that program. This means that a patient’s su...

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Family Psychoeducation for Adolescents

As research has shown, there’s virtually no demographic group or population that’s not been affected by addiction. Even when it comes to other mental and emotional afflictions, men and women of all ages and from al...

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Group Therapy

It used to be that addiction was considered a moral and behavioral affliction; individuals who suffered from addictions were largely written-off as bad people, relegated to mental institutions and religious rehabilitat...

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Grace Counseling Center’s Alumni Program (GCCAP)

Choosing to follow the path towards recovery creates a mixture of emotions for anyone struggling with addiction. While the prospect of living a healthier and happier life can be a powerful motivator for initiating change, the thought of giving up the...

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EMDR Therapy

Addiction is a complex, enigmatic disease that we’re only just beginning to understand. Compared to other diseases — most of which are either physical or psychological — addiction has features of Learn More

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