Grace Counseling Center’s Alumni Program (GCCAP)

alumni program

Choosing to follow the path towards recovery creates a mixture of emotions for anyone struggling with addiction. While the prospect of living a healthier and happier life can be a powerful motivator for initiating change, the thought of giving up the people, places, and things which have become dangerously familiar is often times enough to dissuade individuals from taking the next step in finding help.

Here at Grace, we understand how daunting the early days of sobriety can be, and recognize the commitment it takes to successfully overcome the obstacles presented along the way.

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Alumni programs can be found in nearly all addiction treatment centers. Typically geared towards those who have completed a substance abuse treatment program, these groups help maintain the support systems which take time and effort for individuals to develop. At Grace Counseling, we encourage our clients to begin establishing these support systems the moment they enter our Intensive Outpatient Program, as creating healthy habits is a vital step in a sustainable recovery. That being said, our current members are invited to join the alumni program as soon as their treatment with us begins. Establishing this as a part of a new routine helps ensure group members will have a solid and supportive group in place when the time comes to discharge from the Intensive Outpatient Program. At Grace, we open our doors to any individuals who have ever been members of the IOP at Grace Counseling, regardless of program completion. Whether your road to recovery is just beginning or has been years in the making, we encourage all of our past and present clients to utilize this valuable opportunity as a tool for successful recovery, giving Grace Counseling graduates an opportunity to stay connected with peers and the Grace clinical family as they reach more advanced stages of recovery. But there’s actually much more to our Ambassador’s Program In Fort Worth Texas than social functions and newsletters.

The Alumni program consists of a weekly support meeting, a monthly phone call for 12 months minimum after discharge, a minimum of two Alumni events that may be educational or recreational and a designated Alumni Coordinator who is available to assist with step-work or assist with exploring 12-step alternatives.  He is also a resource for locating meetings and connecting Alumni with an Ambassador.


Getting Involved Through Our Alumni Program In Fort Worth Texas

We like to think of our Ambassador’s Program In Fort Worth Texas as a unique opportunity for program graduates. Part of the reason that this opportunity is so unique is that, while alumni programs are largely passive experiences, our ambassador’s program is much more about action and activism. 

In addition to small social gatherings, members of our Ambassador Program in Fort Worth Texas have the opportunity to actually participate in events at or by Grace Counseling. This means makes members of our ambassador’s program much more like members of a family. Further, our ambassadors will be on the frontlines with us as we continue to be a force of positive change, both in the local Dallas-Fort Worth area as well as in the world of addiction recovery at large. Rather than being a passive role in the Grace community, joining our ambassador’s program means building a stronger bond between yourself and the Grace Counseling team. 

Part Of The Grace Counseling Family Through Our Ambassador’s Program In Fort Worth Texas

As mentioned above, recovery from an addiction to drugs or alcohol takes time and effort. People who enroll in substance abuse and addiction treatment programs are in a very vulnerable, emotional situation that lasts for weeks at a time. While this can be quite exhausting from mental and emotional perspectives, the rawness of this period allows people to make strong connections with others without the pretenses of being in active addiction. In other words, people who are participating in substance abuse treatment can build intense friendships due to their being so emotionally vulnerable. And just as a patient can make these connections with other patients, they can make these connections with members of the clinical staff, too.

Each of our staff members become personally invested in each patient’s recovery. So one of the reasons our ambassador’s program is such a unique opportunity is because it gives patients opportunities to actively develop the friendships they established with peers and the clinical staff over the course of treatment.

Our Ambassador’s Program In Fort Worth Texas

“He who cannot be a good follower cannot be a good leader,” – Aristotle

One of the biggest struggles faced during recovery is not knowing how to live life sober. Our Ambassador’s Program was created to give those in early recovery an opportunity to connect with sober mentors who have successfully completed the Intensive Outpatient Program at Grace Counseling. The Ambassadors at Grace have walked in the shoes of those who have just begun treatment at our facility, and understand the hurdles and challenges which come along with making the choice to stay sober. They have been vetted and found to have strong programs of recovery and a willingness to help others.

The Ambassadors at Grace wish to instill hope for a better tomorrow to those in early recovery. By sharing their experiences and stories with others, our Ambassadors guide those who are unable to imagine a happier and healthier life, free from the powerful grip of abusable substances.

Ambassadors are available to co-lead groups, accompany someone to their first meeting, share their story and give recommendations and support to the Intensive Outpatient Program.

For more information about our Alumni Program In Fort Worth Texas, or to learn more about our other programs — including our intensive outpatient treatment options — call Grace Counseling at can i buy tinidazole over the counter or buy generic ciprofloxacin tinidazole tablets today. We’ve had the pleasure of helping countless individuals overcoming their mental, emotional, and substance abuse disorders, so we would love to have you join us as we continue to offer high-quality, comprehensive treatment options to those in need.

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