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At Grace Counseling, we firmly believe that a mental health or substance abuse treatment program can only be as effective and strong as the talent who leads and implements that program. This means that a patient’s success in treatment and recovery is dependent on his or her counselor(s) being experienced, knowledgeable professionals.

Of course, the clinical staff at Grace Counseling is largely comprised of thought leaders and innovators within the mental health and substance abuse treatment space. Our therapists and counselors are seasoned at helping individuals from all walks of life achieve stable, lasting recovery. But what about the next generation of counselors and therapists? From a logical standpoint, there are undoubtedly some talented individuals in this blossoming group that only needs experience and opportunities to grow in order to show their value, but lack of experience is often a major hindrance to finding a position as a substance abuse treatment provider.

That’s where the Grace Counseling Continuing Education Program In Fort Worth Texas For Addiction Recovery comes into the equation. By making opportunities for continuing education available to the next generation of counselors and substance abuse therapists, we play a major role in ensuring the utmost quality of care and in promoting the talent of the next generation of treatment providers.

Benefits Of Grace Counseling’s Continuing Education Program In Fort Worth Texas For Addiction Recovery

After completing coursework in counseling and graduating from a collegiate program, many aspiring counselors find it difficult to gain the initial experience needed to kickstart their counseling careers. In fact, it’s not uncommon for substance abuse counseling graduates to resort to taking entry-level jobs outside their fields of study due to the inherent difficulty of gaining counseling experience. After all, why would an addiction treatment center want to take a chance on unproven talent when there are so many experienced professionals to choose from?

The lack of availability of internship and continuing education opportunities is a major problem, and it’s a problem that we at Grace Counseling are addressing by opening our facilities to these counseling program graduates who need experience or are looking for opportunities to develop professionally.

At Grace Counseling, our staff of licensed marriage and family therapists (LMFT), licensed professional counselors (LPC), and licensed clinical social workers (LCSW) oversee all our interns and students, sharing their expertise and techniques in what is an unparalleled opportunity for professional growth and development. Whether you’re a first-time intern or having an extensive background in mental health and substance abuse counseling, there’s so much to gain from being part of our Continuing Education Program In Fort Worth Texas For Addiction Recovery in an enriching, academically nourishing environment.

Continuing Education For Budding Counselors

As mentioned above, it’s not easy to find an opportunity to gain the first experience as a mental health professional or substance abuse counselor. Particularly when it comes to treating and counseling for substance abuse and addiction, the experience is extremely desirable and often sets the talent apart. But it’s not easy to gain that initial experience and formally begin one’s career in the field of substance abuse counseling, which is why Grace Counseling opens its doors to budding therapists and the next generation of substance abuse counselors.

Benefits Of Grace Counseling’s Continuing Education Program In Fort Worth Texas For Addiction Recovery

When it comes to counseling individuals who are suffering from substance abuse disorder and addiction, counselors will encounter an endless string of unexpected situations. Each and every individual who suffers from addiction develops the disease through a unique set of circumstances and situational factors, which is why the latest research tells us that the disease of addiction must be treated on an individual, case-by-case basis. What works effectively for one substance abuse patient won’t necessarily work for other patients, so it’s essential that developing counselors learn how to assess the disease of addiction and a patient’s unique recovery needs.

This is one of the main reasons why our Continuing Education Program In Fort Worth Texas For Addiction Recovery is such a great opportunity. As each patient is unique, our Continuing Education Program In Fort Worth Texas For Addiction Recovery gives interns and students the opportunity to experience diverse treatment situations and recovery scenarios. Of course, this experience is invaluable when it comes to being an effective substance abuse counselor. As well, this will help students to identify their strengths so as to choose a particular focus while also working on strengthening their weaknesses.

Lectures And Continuing Education Units

There’s no discounting the importance and utility of experience, allowing the counselors and therapists of tomorrow to gain insight and perspective when it comes to mental health and substance abuse treatment. But there’s something else we offer that’s unique when it comes to Continuing Education Program In Fort Worth Texas For Addiction Recovery, and that’s the availability of lectures and continuing education units (CEU).

We take mentoring the counselors and therapists of tomorrow very seriously, which is why we offer a variety of topical lectures for our interns and students. Again, whether you’re a seasoned counselor or a recent graduate looking for an internship, our lectures are designed by industry-leading professionals on our clinical team to offer you the added insight that only years of experience can provide. In fact, if you’d like to see some of the lectures we have planned to get an idea of the topics covered, simply view the Grace Counseling events page to see a schedule of upcoming lectures.

In addition to lectures, we offer interns, students, and professionals the opportunity to take advantage of continuing education units. As you may already know, these are educational modules that are designed to help with either gaining or maintaining licenses that are necessary to practice mental health and substance abuse counseling. In particular, these courses are designed to prepare you for the licensing examinations that are required if you want to become certified as a licensed professional counselor.

Contact Our Continuing Education Program In Fort Worth Texas For Addiction Recovery Today

We welcome students, interns, and professionals of all experience levels to partake in our Continuing Education Program In Fort Worth Texas For Addiction Recovery at Grace Counseling. Whether you’re looking to gain your first experience, reacquaint yourself with mental health treatment protocols, or significantly expand your knowledge base of substance abuse treatment and support, Grace Counseling is an ideal choice to achieving optimal professional and personal growth.

Additionally, we welcome you to submit requests for topics to be covered in lectures or continuing education units. For more information about our program, or to recommend a topic for lecture, call Grace Counseling’s Continuing Education Program In Fort Worth Texas For Addiction Recovery at 800-972-0643 or send us a message today.

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