Family Psychoeducation for Adolescents

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As research has shown, there’s virtually no demographic group or population that’s not been affected by addiction. Even when it comes to other mental and emotional afflictions, men and women of all ages and from all walks of life can be affected. So when the development and experience of these afflictions are so highly variable, how can they be treated effectively and consistently?

Fortunately, there are numerous treatment methods and therapeutic techniques available for virtually any disorder, whether it’s an emotional affliction or a substance abuse problem. At Grace Counseling, we pride ourselves on offering a wide breadth of therapeutic approaches, from multiple psychotherapeutic modalities to alternative and complementary therapies to holistic treatments and everything in-between.

Of course, mental health treatment requires some adaptation and flexibility when we’re talking about adolescents. Though rates of substance abuse disorder among adolescents has recently plateaued, there’s still high rates of chemical dependency as well as mental and emotional disorders among youths. To make matters even more complicated, the adolescent brain is not yet fully developed, meaning it’s difficult to prescribe psychotropic medications and other medical interventions without certainty that they’re actually needed.

Family Psychoeducation For Adolescents In Fort Worth Texas presents itself as an effective alternative or potentially a great complement to more conventional approaches to mental health treatment. But what is family psychoeducation? How does it work? And why is it beneficial for adolescents?

What Is Family Psychoeducation For Adolescents In Fort Worth Texas?

When it comes to mental and emotional disorders, a common misconception is that only the afflicted individual actually suffers from the effects of the disorder; however, this is not actually the case. Although the afflicted individual certainly experiences symptoms and effects from the disorder most directly, mental and emotional health disorders affect virtually everyone in the afflicted individual’s immediate familial and social circles. In fact, the disease of addiction is often referred to as “the family disease” due to how an addicted individual’s substance abuse disorder can cause momentous problems for his or her loved ones.

In recent years, research has shown that there’s immense value in psychoeducation. To be clear, the term psychoeducation is broadly used to refer to an evidence-based, information- and education-focused intervention technique that provides useful, practical, and actionable information about a mental or emotional health disorder, usually to the afflicted individual as well as his or her closest loved ones. More often than not, psychoeducation takes the form of group-based educational sessions that are comprised of the afflicted individual and his or her family members, such as a spouse, parents, siblings, offspring, etc. In practice, psychoeducation is designed to help families better understand an illness, including how they can best accommodate the illness while minimizing the extent to which their actions and behaviors might contribute to a worsening of the afflicted individual’s symptoms.

How Grace Counseling’s Family Psychoeducation For Adolescents In Fort Worth Texas Works

There’s a popular adage that says “knowledge is power.” The saying is especially true when it comes to mental health disorders. In fact, learning more about a disorder, including how to accommodate the disorder so as to avoid worsening its effects, it a significant part of learning how to live a healthy, productive life in spite of having a mental or emotional disorder. So it follows that knowing about a disorder would likewise be incredibly beneficial at the familial level.

Much like any other group-based form of counseling or psychotherapy, a major focus of family psychoeducation is communication. Especially when a family member has been suffering from untreated or ineffectively-treated psychological afflictions, there’s often a breakdown regarding familial communication. Whether it’s because of the uncharacteristic actions of the afflicted individual or certain misgivings and assumptions made on the loved ones’ parts, there’s often a decline in communication. Over time, the decline of communication becomes more severe with numerous tangible consequences. By a certain point, members of a family will basically “forgot” how to communicate, making it extremely difficult for the afflicted individual to overcome the symptoms of the disorder and achieve a state of equilibrium.

When members of a family unit learn about a disorder in family psychoeducation sessions, they’re effectively learning how to be a better support system for the afflicted individual. Suffering from a mental or emotional disorder can be an extremely lonely, isolating experience, but having a strong, stable support system in place can make a huge difference and help with the recovery process. Thus, these psychoeducational settings can become instrumental in a family unit becoming more supportive and understanding of the afflicted individual.

Benefits Of Our Family Psychoeducation For Adolescents In Fort Worth Texas

Historically, family psychoeducation has been most commonly used when a member of a family suffers from a severe psychological disorder like schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, or severe depression; however, this psychotherapeutic intervention technique is seeing more widespread adoption. In fact, while Family Psychoeducation For Adolescents In Fort Worth Texas is useful for many scenarios, it’s recently seen a major increase in use among families with adolescents who are suffering from mental or emotional disorders.

Similar to the decline in communication that’s common in families in which there’s an individual who suffers from a mental or emotional disorder, families in which there are one or more adolescents typically see some level of decline in communication, too. Between the rapidly-fluctuating hormones and other physiological changes, adolescence is an intense experience and it can often feel like nobody understands, making communication with family members more difficult. Fortunately, Family Psychoeducation For Adolescents In Fort Worth Texas can provide such families with a forum in which to relearn and hone their communication skills.

When the adolescent suffers from a mental or emotional disorder — or even a substance abuse problem — a Family Psychoeducation For Adolescents In Fort Worth Texas can be even more beneficial as it helps the family to better understand what the afflicted adolescent is experiencing. Further, the psychoeducational sessions will help the family better understand the nature of the disorder, learn ways of supporting and reinforcing recovery, and eliminate maladaptive behaviors that could threaten the adolescent’s recovery.

Grace Counseling’s Family Psychoeducation For Adolescents In Fort Worth Texas 

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