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Everyone is unique, coming from different backgrounds, having had different experiences, and with each having a unique perspective. Much as no two people are exactly the same, the recovery process is likewise unique; what one person needs to achieve stable, long-term recovery differs from what another person might need.

At Grace Counseling’s SMART Recovery In Fort Worth Texas For Substance Abuse, our mission is to accommodate all the different recovery needs that people have by offering a comprehensive yet highly-adaptable addiction treatment program. Our Fort Worth intensive outpatient program incorporates the tenets of SMART Recovery as well as Twelve Step philosophy of treatment. SMART Recovery is a popular rehabilitation philosophy that offers an alternative to the Twelve Step philosophy of treatment.

Whether you’re looking for a recovery solution for yourself or for one of your loved ones, our SMART Recovery In Fort Worth Texas For Substance Abuse is a great option for achieving sobriety and preparing for successful, long-term recovery.

To learn more about our SMART Recovery In Fort Worth Texas For Substance Abuse and how we employ this ideology at Grace Counseling, refer to the information offered below.

What Is a SMART Recovery In Fort Worth Texas For Substance Abuse?

Most people — whether they have personal experience with addiction recovery or are only tentatively aware of the most popular rehabilitation resources available today — are familiar with Alcoholics Anonymous and its numerous derivative groups. Of course, Alcoholics Anonymous and its sister groups like Narcotics Anonymous and Gamblers Anonymous utilize the Twelve Step philosophy, which is a spiritually-focused recovery fellowship and support program that gives individuals a set of steps with which to achieve stable sobriety. Though it’s often compared to Alcoholics Anonymous and the Twelve Step philosophy, SMART Recovery is different in a number of ways.

For one thing, the SMART Recovery program has a different perspective when it comes to addiction. Notably, while the Twelve Step philosophy is rooted in the idea that addiction is a disease to which addicted individual must admit powerlessness, SMART Recovery posits that addiction is more so a dysfunctional behavior. Rather than having individuals admit powerlessness to addiction and appeal to a higher power for strength in overcoming chemical dependency, SMART Recovery is more about personal empowerment and developing productive, healthy alternatives to the addictive, self-destructive behavior that characterizes substance abuse disorder.

With a focus on addiction as dysfunctional behavior rather than a disease, SMART Recovery is rooted in the latest psychology and neuroscience, deriving much of its philosophy and ideology from well-known, widely-utilized psychotherapeutic techniques, including cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), motivational interviewing (MI) and motivational enhancement therapy (MET), rational emotive behavioral therapy (REBT), and other modalities commonly employed in clinical addiction treatment programs. As such, the scope and primary tenets of SMART Recovery are meant to evolve as scientific research is conducted and our conception and understanding of addiction evolve.

How Our SMART Recovery In Fort Worth Texas For Substance Abuse Works

Similar to how cognitive-behavioral psychotherapy is a goal-oriented approach to using thought modification to affect behavior, SMART Recovery is based on the notion that maladaptive, harmful, self-destructive behaviors can be mitigated by changing the thoughts, attitudes, emotions, and beliefs that contribute to those types of behaviors. In other words, by managing and changing the cognitions that contribute to substance abuse, SMART Recovery is able to help individuals stop abusing mind-altering substances, effectively alleviating their substance abuse disorders.

At the center of SMART Recovery, there are key areas of awareness and change, which are: (1) enhancing motivation; (2) refusal to act on urges; (3) managing problems in a sensible way without resorting to alcohol and/or drugs; and (4) developing a positive, balanced, healthy lifestyle. Throughout this process, there’s an ever-present emphasis on motivation. The idea is that motivation is behind the vast majority of an individual’s behaviors; therefore, enhancing the motivation to abstain from substance abuse will make an individual substantially more likely to achieve (and more capable of achieving) stable recovery.

While in the SMART Recovery process, there are numerous stages of change in which an individual may find himself or herself. This is significant because certain approaches and methods are particularly useful in certain stages.

According to SMART Recovery, the stages of change are as follows: (1) precontemplation, (2) contemplation, (3) determination/preparation, (4) action, (5) maintenance, and (6) graduation/exit. These stages of change approximately correlate to a person’s trajectory and progression through SMART Recovery as in the earlier stages, awareness of the problem is achieved, followed by consideration of the problem and planning of a strategy to overcome it. The remaining stages correspond to implementing a plan of action and maintaining that plan.

Grace Counseling’s SMART Recovery In Fort Worth Texas For Substance Abuse

There’s no right or wrong way to achieve stable, lasting recovery; however, there are some methods that research has shown to be more effective than others. While the Twelve Step philosophy, which is an inherently spiritual approach, has been an effective recovery and support tool for millions upon millions of individuals, Grace Counseling offers SMART Recovery In Fort Worth Texas For Substance Abuse as an alternative or as an adjunct to the Twelve Step philosophy. SMART Recovery is an adaptable, versatile treatment modality which utilizes the latest scientific evidence.

Individuals who prefer a more spiritual focus or emphasis in their recovery programming can still benefit from SMART Recovery, which is extremely flexible and fluid. Emphasizing personal strength and empowerment, SMART Recovery gives individuals the option to incorporate belief in and strength from a higher power or system of belief as part of the recovery trajectory. In fact, a person’s belief in a higher power can be immensely motivating. Additionally, it’s worth noting that the tenets of SMART Recovery align very closely — even almost exactly — with the core psychotherapeutic modalities and perspectives that comprise most clinical treatment programs.

Get The Right Help Through Our SMART Recovery In Fort Worth Texas For Substance Abuse

Whether you’re looking for an addiction treatment program for yourself or someone you love, Grace Counseling offers high-quality intensive outpatient care as well as our SMART Recovery In Fort Worth Texas For Substance Abuse for individuals in need. For more information, our SMART Recovery, our intensive outpatient programs, or our other offerings, call our SMART Recovery In Fort Worth Texas For Substance Abuse at 800-972-0643 or send us a message today.

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